Hope FM Presenters

Tumelo Moshokoa
Tumelo MoshokoaShow: The Secret Place
Journey together with me (Tumelo) to intimacy and depth in God every Monday, Wednesday and
Friday. On: The Secret Place
Dr Ray Anthony
Dr Ray AnthonyShow: Moments with Dr Ray, Down to business, Power hour
Every weekday from 10-11am. The programs is a spirit filled show with inspiring songs never to be missed. You will discover the stubborn love of God that seeks sinners in their sinfulness and shows them a better way of life.
Patsy Fulton
Patsy FultonShow: The Constant Positive
Every Weekday from 11am – 12pm. The Constant Positive is all about finding and following your North Star. It is a diverse mix of up tempo music; topical directives and local chat – bites from the Bible – plenty of soul food and practical ideas. It is always God centric – never ordinary!
JessicaShow: Top 20 Charts
Catch the Top 20 hot songs exclusively on Hope fm with JESS and dance with GOD Welcome to the Hope fm top 20 hot songs every Saturday
Wikus and Wilma Mahne
Wikus and Wilma MahneShow: Jesus Focus
Jesus it the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End. Come and journey with us as we learn about Jesus. Come and grow in your relationship with Him. Come and explore some life defining questions Sundays at three o’clock in the afternoons we are focusing on Jesus, the Way, the Truth and the Life. It is all about Him
NkgothatseShow: Lekunutung le Morena
Le reditse Lekunutung le Morena le Nk mo go Hope Fm .99.0. Rola ditlhako o kgatholore
mo Moweng le nna Nk ka sebele
DawieShow: Hope Drive
The Hope Drive show. Giving Hope to the hopeless. Giving hope in our community.
Vianca Kotze
Vianca KotzeShow: Life Stories
Life stories is about encouraging others, its a testimony show that uses the life stories of ordinary individuals to inspire others. Weather its testimonies, struggles, tribulation, sickness, finances, student problems, sport, life choices we incorporate them all into the program thus relating to each one of our listeners. Through testifying we give others hope and convey the message that God can and will help them through whatever It is that they are going through.